Glenn Martin

Glenn Martin - The Angry Man

Glenn Martin – The Angry Man

I’m Glenn – the cook, dishwasher and photographer at Angry Man BBQ. I’ve been a serious cook for most of my life.   For me the process of planning and preparing is just as much fun as enjoying a great meal with family or wonderful friends.   While cooking is science it’s also art – with me a recipe is merely a suggestion. It doesn’t matter if we’re cooking on the Big Green Egg, the Traeger Smoker, or inside on the stove or oven, let’s create something that has a super aroma, a fabulous flavor and even excites your eyes when the plate lands in front of you.

Let me help you become a better cook – indoor as well as outdoors. I grill, I smoke, I bake and will share all of that experience with you.   This is not a collection of pretty pictures; it’s a how-to as well as an encouragement to try, to grow and to enjoy! This is our conversation about our food, how we become involved in it’s preparation and how we’ve enjoyed it.   Let me be your friend, your “go-to” for advice and inspiration.

As a Memphis Barbeque Network certified judge since 2000, I’ve eaten my way through many great competitions from small town start-ups to the World Championship at MBN Logo web(1)Memphis in May.  Judging is an experience that broadens your thoughts on BBQ. From simple rubs and not a drop of sauce to multi-step rubs, washes, sauces and coatings, – I’ve judged them all.   I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned from some unknowns as well as some regular award winners.

Why am I “Angry Man BBQ”?   Well, I’m a perfectionist and a rather harsh critic of my own work. Sometimes I get frustrated – ok, I get angry.   When it just isn’t right, well, I’d rather you not tell me that it’s good or that it’s going to be fine, that just makes me more frustrated – ok, I get angry.   When I see a post of a smoked butt and it’s blacker than my Weber Kettle cover and the cook’s friends all post about how great it looks (when it is really not even close to appetizing and would flunk out of any contest on appearance alone) I get frustrated – ok, I get angry.     When I see folks fill their foods with extra fat, sugar and other junk that add nothing to the quality or enjoyment of the food, I get frustrated – ok, I get angry.


When I can share a better way, when we can sit and enjoy well-prepared, healthy food – then, I’m happy!   If it does nothing else, I hope this blog can help us all to relax, enjoy our cooking as well as our food, and to not get frustrated – well, ok, to not get angry.

Hey, come on in, let’s cook up something really good.