Baby Back Ribs – Again & Again!

BAby Back Ribs - Angry Man BBQ - full rack

Baby Back Ribs hot off the Big Green Egg.

A “go-to” cook for most serious Q addicts is the rib. It really doesn’t matter if your favorite is baby back, spares or St Louis cut – if you like ribs then they are something you prepare again and again and again…….   So it is with me – I love my ribs, my family loves my ribs, as do our guests.

Baby Back Ribs - Smoked on the Big Green Egg - Angry Man BBQ

I rub the meat with olive oil before shaking on a good layer of spice/rub. After coating the meat side I coat the bone side then give the meat side a second quick shake.

We had a rack of Patton’s Meats select baby back ribs in the freezer and since it was just the Pleasant Lady and me, that one rack was perfect for a Sunday evening dinner at the Angry Man BBQ Test Kitchen.

Glenn's Original Rib Rub - Baby Back Ribs - Angry Man BBQ

My personal blend of spices – sorry we’re not marketing this right now. I encourage you to do some homework and create your own blend of flavors!

Normally I’d like to spice and let my ribs sit several hours to overnight before cooking – but these had to defrost and we were pushed a bit if we were going to be able to eat at an acceptable time.   After a good rubdown with olive oil I gave them a liberal shaking of my rib rub on both sides.   Usually I start with the meat side getting a good coating of spice then the bone side and finishing up with another light shake for the meat side (just in case some was disturbed while coating the bone side).

Traeger hickory pellets in the Big Green Egg - Baby Back Ribs - Angry Man BBQ

Smoking Baby Back Ribs on the Big Green Egg. I like to mix wood pellets in with the lump charcoal for additional smoke flavoring. Using Traeger hickory pellets for this cook.

The large BGE was the cooker of choice – just the right size and totally convenient. We use the Traeger a lot for ribs – especially when cooking more than 2 racks. But my original BGE won this job. The BGE is set for indirect with the platesetter (aka conveggtor) and we’re using the cast-iron cooking grate we keep in that BGE.   I always wrap my platesetter in foil to keep it clean and for easy clean-up. There are Traeger Hickory pellets sprinkled throughout the lump for great flavored smoke. The BGE was stabilized at about 290°.

Baby Back Ribs on the Big Green Egg - Angry Man BBQ

Spiced rack going on the BGE. I always cover my convegtor with foil for easy clean-up.

The ribs went on the cooker once it was well stabilized – about 45 minutes after lighting. Once there were on the grate I shut the dome and didn’t open again for about 2 hours.

Smoking Baby Back Ribs in butcher paper - Big Green Egg - Angry Man BBQ

After 2 hours in the BGE I pull the rack, drizzle just a small amount of sauce on top and wrap in uncoated butcher paper.

At the 2 hour mark I wrapped the ribs in uncoated butcher paper. My roll is white – it works just like the pink.   The paper seems to be a great wrap with avoiding the “steamed” effect that foil gives to ribs.   When I wrap I drizzle just a small amount of sauce on the meat for a dash more flavor. But really – it’s a small drizzle.

Smoking Baby Back Ribs in butcher paper - Big Green Egg - Angry Man BBQ

I use a butcher style roll and tuck technique to close up the packet. The rack goes back on the cooker for another 2 hours.

After another 2 hours in the heat I pulled the paper off, felt the rack for doneness (does it bend easily) and then put the rack back in to cook just a bit more as the bark finished off. I gave them about 45 minutes more before we pulled them and gave them a short rest on a covered platter.

Baby Back Ribs on the Big Green Egg - Angry Man BBQ

Sliced and ready to serve – some great smoked baby back ribs! With the exception of the small drizzle of sauce when I wrap I just don’t put sauce on my ribs prior to serving. Really good, tender ribs just don’t need it – but folks to like the additional flavor! My sauce is served warm, on the side!

A slice between the bones and we were ready to enjoy some rib goodness. And good they were!!!   I do serve ribs with warm sauce available – but that’s a personal preference. When done properly ribs should be tender and juicy so sauce is an option.

Ribs are really easy to cook but too many folks work at making them a pain in the backside. Like many foods it’s quite possible to over-think, over-work & over-do ribs. You should have noticed that I opened the BGE only twice once they started cooking. There was no water pan to fill & refill, no sprays or mops, no Relax and enjoy a simple cook for an amazingly good meal. They are a perfect way to totally impress your friends who really don’t know any better. Go for it!

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