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MBN Judge – The Big Pig Jig

Way back in “the year 2000” a Q friend told me that a great way to improve my cooking would be to become a judge. Well, a few weeks later I was on a Delta Jet headed for the main-office for all things Q: Memphis, TN.   I attended a Memphis In May judges training class and passed the final exam Continue Reading...

Easy Salsa & Fajita Night

Has it really been this long since I last posted – now that really gets the boxers in a bunch!!!  There’s been a lot going on and I promise that I have plenty of pics and great cooks to share – I’m back and ready to rock & roll. My easy salsa recipe has been one that many have enjoyed.   Continue Reading...

Cornish Hens & Wild Rice

Cornish Hens are something that the Pleasant Lady and I have enjoyed as a special meal for a long time.   We discovered a recipe we loved early in our marriage and it’s on our “go-to” list for special occasions. Until recently I’d never tried to prepare this recipe on the BGE but I’m always up for a challenge. The original Continue Reading...

Pulled Pork – Hints & How To

Hey, baking pizza is great and we love it. But lets be real here – BBQ is really all about pulled pork. Sure, my friends in Texas want to talk Brisket but that’s actually smoked beef.   In the South when you say “BBQ” you really mean “pulled pork”! Sure, there are those greatly misguided, misinformed and messed-up folks who want Continue Reading...

Pizza Cooking On The Big Green Egg

Pizza On the BGE – with PlateSetter (conveggtor) and Pizza Stone We’ve made the crust dough and the sauce so now it’s time to make a Pizza Pie. In this post we will look at how to set up a Big Green Egg to cook the pie. Actually, I’ll tell you about two methods of setup that will turn your Continue Reading...

Georgia Mountain Eggfest

I’ve attended a number of Eggfest through my 10+ years of Egging – they are always a lot of fun as a taster.   Finally, I made it in as a cook!   This was a wonderful experience and I assure you it will not be my last. My friend Kim Youngblood was my mentor in planning for the fest and was Continue Reading...

Whole Wheat Pizza Crust & Tomato Sauce

I cook a lot of different foods on my BGE cookers. I’ve long said that a BGE is worth the price if all you use it for is to sear a fine steak at 600+ degrees on a Saturday night. Likewise, the BGE turn out some mighty fine smoked Boston Butt and ribs! However, I truly love pizza baked in Continue Reading...

Baby Back Ribs – 2 Ways

We were having guests recently and I wanted to prepare something a bit special for them. I decided on baby back ribs with a plan to spice them 2 different ways for a little excitement in the meal. One rack was prepared by my traditional method while another went close to the route a competition team might use for their Continue Reading...

Rolled Parmesan Bread

This is my adaptation of a recipe from Chef Linkie Marais (she makes it as Bacon & Cheese Bread). I like to take a recipe as a suggestion. Here’s how I took this great recipe and made a lighter loaf that was a great compliment to a meal I was planning....

Pulled Pork from Boston Butt

Post #1 – wow! I’ve been looking forward to this for months as we’ve planned for the Angry Man BBQ site. I’m gong to begin with some basic cooks then begin tossing in some more complex dishes as we go. One of the first things most folks want to cook when they get a new smoker is pulled pork – Continue Reading...