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Bacon Wrapped Chicken Thighs

  This past weekend we were having friends over for a very casual dinner.   With a greater focus on catching up with long-time friends than on cooking, I wanted something really simple to cook yet yummy. The Pleasant Lady and I decided on bacon wrapped chicken thighs – easy, fun, & super flavor.   A couple of years back we Continue Reading...

Tacos al Pastor – Test #1

Well, I’m behind on posting – that really hacks me!   Wish I could claim that I’ve been too busy cooking to take time to write but honestly it’s the day job…..but that ‘s what keeps the pup supplied with kibbles! I love being a demonstration cook at the Georgia Mountain Eggfest up in Hiawassee. It’s a beautiful location and John Continue Reading...

Chicken Wings for the the Super Bowl

The National Chicken Council estimated that over 1.3 Billion chicken wings would be consumed on Super Bowl Sunday. I decided it was important that I do my part to assure that number was accurate! Once I had my wings I decided that I’d do a “cooking with friends” kind of approach for these fine flappers. The friends weren’t actually present Continue Reading...

Baby Back Ribs – Again & Again!

A “go-to” cook for most serious Q addicts is the rib. It really doesn’t matter if your favorite is baby back, spares or St Louis cut – if you like ribs then they are something you prepare again and again and again…….   So it is with me – I love my ribs, my family loves my ribs, as do our Continue Reading...

Prime Rib for New Year’s Day

We have a tradition with my brothers and their families that we gather at the Angry Man BBQ Test Kitchen on beautiful Lake Hartwell for a few days around New Year’s Eve.  It’s a wonderful time for relaxation & some great food.  Honestly, we really pride ourselves on how much nothing we do! We Martin’s are always fond of a Continue Reading...

Rotisserie Turkey On The BGE

When I was a child (just a few years ago) our Thanksgiving Turkeys were smoked.  Please understand that in 1965 a smoked turkey was quite the novelty – folks just didn’t have the array of smokers they have today!   My father ran a welding shop and one of the products that he produced to sell was a grill made from Continue Reading...

Looking Back At 2016

The New Year always brings about a thought for looking back over the past year. 2016 was a fun year for The Angry Man. Allow me to take a stroll down the ole memory lane if you will….. First, we launched this site in 2016. My cooking took a few twists during the year and I’ve not posted as I Continue Reading...

MBN Judge – The Big Pig Jig

Way back in “the year 2000” a Q friend told me that a great way to improve my cooking would be to become a judge. Well, a few weeks later I was on a Delta Jet headed for the main-office for all things Q: Memphis, TN.   I attended a Memphis In May judges training class and passed the final exam Continue Reading...

Easy Salsa & Fajita Night

Has it really been this long since I last posted – now that really gets the boxers in a bunch!!!  There’s been a lot going on and I promise that I have plenty of pics and great cooks to share – I’m back and ready to rock & roll. My easy salsa recipe has been one that many have enjoyed.   Continue Reading...

Cornish Hens & Wild Rice

Cornish Hens are something that the Pleasant Lady and I have enjoyed as a special meal for a long time.   We discovered a recipe we loved early in our marriage and it’s on our “go-to” list for special occasions. Until recently I’d never tried to prepare this recipe on the BGE but I’m always up for a challenge. The original Continue Reading...