Prime Rib for New Year’s Day


Standing Rib Roast – Prime Rib on the BGE.

We have a tradition with my brothers and their families that we gather at the Angry Man BBQ Test Kitchen on beautiful Lake Hartwell for a few days around New Year’s Eve.  It’s a wonderful time for relaxation & some great food.  Honestly, we really pride ourselves on how much nothing we do!

We Martin’s are always fond of a great piece of beef – you maybe aware that since childhood we’ve know Saturday night as Steak Night.   Our father started this fine tradition and we’ve all taken carrying it forward rather seriously. My older brother has his own collection of cookers but received his first BGE for Christmas. He requested that I prepare a standing rib roast on the BGE – yep, Prime Rib for steak night! (which we actually cooked on Sunday – New Years Day)

NYE2The guys at Patton’s Meat Market really came through on this one!   We prepared 4 bones at about 9 pounds. This was one beautiful hunk of meat. I knew that preparing this one was going to be a lot fun. However, my go-to technique for Prime Rib involves starting at a high temp to set the crust and then reducing the heat for the cook. Typically I do this on my Traeger pellet-feed cooker adjusting the heat with the twist of a knob. However, with big brother sporting a new BGE I knew this had to be a BGE cook. So, I had some homework to do.   Sure, I could have posted on Facebook that I needed to cook Prime Rib – but that would have made me more than angry with all the ridiculous comments about cooking something else, using a different brand of lump, freezing the meat or the winner always “send it to me and I’ll take care of it for you” – but I digress. Besides, doing the homework and figuring the best route yourself is far better – you study, reason and learn in picking a technique.

Regardless of the cooking technique this one needed some great spicing. Too often I see folks that want to overcome the flavor of the protein with spices, rubs or injections – honestly, they need to just buy tofu.   A standing rib roast is a fabulous piece of meat – the flavor of the meat is what it’s all about. All we really need to do is compliment the meat with a great crust. Now, garlic is a great compliment in proper proportion so I stuffed several cloves of garlic between the bone and the meat. I then coated the meat with excellent quality olive oil and gave it a fine covering of Lane’s Signature Rub, a little of Lane’s Ancho Espresso and chopped fresh Thyme & Rosemary.

NYE4You just have to admit – just spiced up this pup is beautiful. The combination of meat, spice and herbs smelled heavenly.

So, I decided to go with my standard technique for Prime Rib – start high and pull back on the heat.   Regular BGE users know that getting them hot is far easier than pulling back but I was up to the challenge.   I set up the XL with a full firebox of lump and sprinkled in some Apple wood pellets for a little extra flavor in the smoke. I lit two small spots near the front and let it heat with the platesetter (aka conveggtor) and grid in place.   We stabilized the BGE at 425° and centered the roast on the grid.

NYE5Opening up the BGE gave an oxygen burst so the temp jumped up a bit but that was the plan – 450° was my target for setting the crust. After about 20 minutes I all but closed both the top and the bottom vents to start bring down the temp to my desired 325° for the cook.   It worked! The temp came down and I did have to tap open just a bit to stabilize.   We cooked the roast for just over 2 hours more to an internal temp for the center of 125° before pulling it and letting it rest in a small cooler for about ½ hour.   Most of our crowd desires the less pink end of medium rare so we had plenty of what they wanted yet still had plenty of great pink in the center.   The meat was fantastic and the crust was more than a prefect compliment of flavor.


Check Ryan Lane’s rubs & spices. He has some great combinations and they are pure spice – nothing strange that you can’t pronounce in the ingredients list. Click to go right to the good stuff.

NYE9Sorry to disappoint – but nothing here to make me angry.

Prime Rib – it’s a royal meal – hope you give it a try soon.

Happy New Year!









Oh, NYE – it’s always fresh Maine lobsters in the boiling pot!

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