Pizza Dough – Long Ferment!

A quick post here for those that are wanting to know about a dough I posted on FaceBook recently. This is my take on longer ferment dough and I think it’s really a great dough. It’s a variation on my original recipe from years ago that utilizes Active Dry Yeast. Here it’s made with King Arthur Bread Flour but I’ll be trying it with other flours soon.

This is just the dough recipe and a few thoughts on pizza baking – click over to my Pizza Update post for more details on how to bake a pie on the BGE. And if you don’t have a BGE just use the oven in the kitchen – it will work!! Key to success is a good stone or steel that you have preheated well. ENJOY!!!


Sliced and ready to enjoy.

Pizza Dough

  • 800 grams of Bread Flour
  • 496 grams lukewarm water (80-85 degrees) 
  • 1.8 grams ACTIVE DRY YEAST 
  • 18 grams Kosher Salt 
  • small squirt of honey ( ½ tsp )
  • 11.8 grams Olive Oil – (about 3 teaspoons)

Make 2-3 days ahead if possible.

Put yeast in a small cup with ½ cup of the water & stir.  Let this sit until bubbly.

Combine flour & salt in large mixing bowl & stir together to mix.  Begin mixing (kitchenaid with dough hook or by hand)  and slowly add water as dough hook is turning.  After adding about half the remaining water add in the yeast/water mix, the honey and the oil.   Then slowly add in the rest of the water.  Mix well.  Let the dough hook run for about 3 minutes on a low speed.   Dough should have a smooth finish and be just slightly sticky but release from sides of pan.

Transfer dough to a lightly oiled bowl, give it a turn, and then cover with towel or plastic wrap (or I do both).  Place this in a safe spot on your counter for 24 hours at room temperature.  The dough should bubble and double in size.

After the initial 24 hour ferment prepare a floured work surface and turn the dough out onto the surface.  This will pretty much degas the dough.  Divide the dough using a dough cutter into equal parts to make your dough balls.   For 12 inch pies I make 3 balls from this recipe.  Search the web for videos on how to ball pizza dough – it’s and art-form!

I place my dough balls in light greased round 3.2 cup plastic containers.  Go for round not square – trust me, it helps.  Close the top and refrigerate the balls for 24 – 48 hours more before using.  If you want to freeze the dough for use later let it go for 24 hours in the fridge and then place it in the freezer.

Pull the container out of the fridge at least an hour prior to rolling out the dough for a pie.  Again – I suggest surfing up a few videos on dough rolling.  Tossing is not required.  

Your stone – not the pan – should determine the size of your pizza!  I cook on a stone that has preheated for at least 45 minutes at 500°in oven or 550° in BGE.   Decorate with sauce, meats, veggies & cheese, as you desire.

Pie ready to bake on the AirBake pan. Notice that I didn’t use the entire pan but rather made the pie the best size for my dough ball & stone size.
A closeup of my decorations for this pie. I put ground beef under the cheese then used sliced sweet peppers, bell pepper, red onion and pepperoni for this one. I buy blocks of cheese and grate just prior to using.
Almost finished pie still on the stone.
Sliced and ready to enjoy!

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