Georgia Mountain Eggfest

North Georgia Eggers booth at the Georgia Mountain Eggfest.

I’ve attended a number of Eggfest through my 10+ years of Egging – they are always a lot of fun as a taster.   Finally, I made it in as a cook!   This was a wonderful experience and I assure you it will not be my last.

My friend Kim Youngblook - I'm calling him Coach these days from all the help he gave in planning for this event.

My friend Kim Youngblood – I’m calling him Coach these days from all the help he gave in planning for this event.

My friend Kim Youngblood was my mentor in planning for the fest and was kind enough to invite us to cook with the North Georgia Eggers. We didn’t know how much we would enjoy and appreciate having others around to assist and advise but it turned out to be a great plan. The Pleasant Lady and I had an exhausting but totally fun day!AngryManBBQ-MtnEggfest-A

When you sign up to cook at a fest the first question to answer is what you are going to cook. We figured there would be plenty of pork butt and ribs so we wanted something different – we chose pizza because so many want to know how to do it. Our Pepper Stout Pulled Beef has been a “go-to” for us for years and makes great sliders for serving.


Our work space.

Unlike a contest that requires all cooking to be done on-site that day, it’s just fine to prepare ahead for an eggfest. I made up all the pizza dough and browned our ground beef & sausage combination that we use for the pizzas.

For the pulled beef I did a little more work ahead.   The initial smoke takes about 3 hours with the chuck roast – so I got that done. Then there’s the cook time with the beer and peppers (like braising) that’s equally long so we got that done too.   We then bagged and refrigerated carefully.   We had 3 full recipes of the beef prepared. We opened and warmed the meat & peppers on the BGE for about an hour – that last step in the recipe. We stayed so busy that I really didn’t make a picture of serving.   We used Royal Hawaiian rolls since I found a good sale on them – though we usually like Martin’s Potato Bread for these.   So we served up a full pan at 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00.


One of the pans of Pulled Pepper Beef. Contents: chuck roast, green peppers, onions and stout beer.


Rolling out the dough for a pizza.

After the beef was gone we transitioned to Pizzas.   We made 6 between 11 and 3:00 when we need to shut down the BGE (it has to cool for it’s new owner).   Our little work area was perfect for us.   You just have to like those plastic folding work tables with adjustable legs – they eliminate anger on so many levels!


No rolling pin used – just press & pull.   I’m not yet a tosser because I’d have to clean up the mess that would make!


We like to tuck our meat under the cheese layer. Once we have all the toppings we take a fine grater and cover the pie with Parmesan.


needs the Parmesan and it’s ready for the BGE


We start our pies on the airbake pan on top of the pizza stone. After it’s set we slide it off the pan directly onto the stone to bake & crisp the crust. More on this in the next post.

Dough pucks roll out much easier at room temperature so we had set them out earlier.   I don’t use a rolling pin – it’s just a press and pull on a board well coated with flour. Remember – your baking stone rather than your pan should determine the size of your pie!   The reviews were great and we had a number of faces that reappeared each time we sliced and served another pie.  We topped them (in order) with our tomato sauce, ground beef/sausage mix, mozzarella, onions, green peppers, pepperoni and Parmesan.


Looking good !!! Folks rally enjoyed our Whole Wheat Crust.

My next post will deal with the cooking technique – these pics just give you a feel for the Eggfest.

We were exhausted at the end of the day but were totally satisfied with our first outing. Very soon I’ll run the post with the pizza technique – actually two versions of how we bake pizza on the BGE.

Thanks for joining us. If you’ve not attended an Eggfest we hope you will find one near you and attend.


Tired but contented after my first Eggfest. Ready to roll again!

Glenn & The Pleasant Lady

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  1. Louanne Dancy says:

    Nicely done website! Who knew my neighbor was such an “angry”celebrity!
    Looking forward to seeing more amazing stuff associated with all the good smells wafting into my backyard!
    Nice to know there is a Pleasant Lady to accompany you!
    Have fun!

    • admin says:

      Thanks Louanne! We will have to be certain to get some of the results of “testing” over to you and the retiree!

    • Rick Campbell says:

      Hi Louanne!

      If you want, send me a message at rmcsignals

      It would be great to hear from you!

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