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Has it really been this long since I last posted – now that really gets the boxers in a bunch!!!  There’s been a lot going on and I promise that I have plenty of pics and great cooks to share – I’m back and ready to rock & roll.

My easy salsa recipe has been one that many have enjoyed.   We discovered a great fresh salsa on a trip to Mexico with friends (that means all-inclusive resort on the Mayan coast).  For years I would kill myself chopping, peeling & squeezing to make the salsa we had all come to love.  However, I discovered another way to have really great chunky, fresh salsa without a lot of work.  Here it is!

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Salsa Ingredients:  Rotel Tomatoes (I use regular but you can always vary the intensity with their hot or mild), onions, cilantro, lime, garlic, salt and pepper.    I mix about equal parts of Rotel and diced onion (usually Vidalia).  To that I add a chopped bunch of cilantro, a clove or two of chopped garlic, lots of fresh lime juice along with the pulp followed up with salsa & pepper to taste.   Truly, I have no exact proportions – I make this entirely by look and taste.


We love to fire up the MiniMax for a quick Fajita supper.  I use skirt steak and trim as much fat away as possible.   I have two rubs I like for fajitas:  here we are using Matt Pittman’s Meat Church Fajita Rub.  I’m an even bigger fan of using Ryan Lane’s Sweet Heat Rub – it has far less salt than Matt’s.  Both are great!!!  I rub on a little olive oil before applying a generous shake of the spice.


We run Max up to 550 or 600 degrees and toss on the meat.   Shut the lid and leave the meat alone with the fire for 4ish minutes then give it a quick flip for another few minutes.  The Pleasant Lady likes her beef a little more done than I so I usually cook for her or run a thicker piece for me that will cook less in the same time.


Skirt has be be cut across the grain or you just might as well give up on eating it – that would make you really angry!   We use corn tortillas, stir up some onions & peppers in the fry pan and add lime juice & worcestershire once they are slightly tender.   I like my veggies to still have a slight crunch.

One last hint – easy guacamole – mash up the avocado meat with a couple of spoonfulls of the quick salsa!  Easy and always a winner.

That’s an easy meal on a weeknight at the Angry Man Test Kitchen.  Be creative and enjoy – it beats getting angry!


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